Friday, 17 February 2017

Vetter Trauungen (Marriages) in the Berlin-Stadt III

Below are the Vetter Trauungen (Marriages) in the Berlin-Stadt III area.

I am slowly searching the Kirchenbüch and updating them as I find them.  Last updated February 18, 2017.

Berlin-Stadt III
Kirche Trauungen
Elias 1907-1922
Sankt Elisabeth 1892-1895
Sankt Johannes-Evangelist
Sankt Philippis-Apostel
Segen 1909-1924
Sophien 1895-1903
Zion 1864-1940

Year Date Bridegroom Bride Kirche
1902 3-Oct August Paul Szwartz Auguste Helene Maria Vetter Zion
1916 2-Nov Otto Richard Paul Vetter Helene Maria Hermina Aursch (geb. Ralyewski) Elias
1920 8-May Paul Kolenda Marie Berta Hedwig Vetter Elias
1920 27-Nov Friedrich Otto Max Olwig Anna Emilia Margareta Elisabeth Neukölln (geb. Vetter) Segen
1920 18-Dec Waldemar Emil Martin Vetter Anna Martha Ida Wäche Sophien
1935 2-Feb Waldemar Vetter Margareta Outmann Zion

Below is a link the the Archion website where you can view the kirchenbüch that the Landeskirchliches Archiv in Berlin hold:-

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